Monday, May 5, 2014

Today was a free day, which I think we are all very grateful for. We didn't meet for breakfast today so Kaela and I made some toast at the YHA. The morning was very chilly and windy but as the day progressed it warmed up.

Brisbane is a nice city to enjoy a day off. I spent most of my day catching up on my journals from Moreton Island and also writing in my own personal journal. I also did some shopping at Coles and got some laundry done at the hostel. I tried to spend some time out by the pool but the wind was just too cold up on the roof so I stayed inside most of the day.

Most of the time I buy my own food from the grocery store and cook my own meals at the YHA. However, I have had a few meals and I would say that's the most unusual was the lemon juice pancakes that we had at camp. I would consider them unusual just due to the fact that I have never heard of anyone eating this before. I can't say that these were my favorite things to eat.

One thing that I've noticed about the hostels is that a wide variety of people stay here. I have met many different people from all over the world here to visit Australia for so many different reasons. Some are students and some are just backpackers traveling the country, or even just people here on business. I have noticed though that they are all very polite to everyone and respectful of everything at the hostels. This is something that is hard to come by in the states.

One thing that I have noticed not only specifically about Brisbane but about Australia in General is that the try very hard to protect their environment. They use less water and always advertise to be green and save the environment.

One word that I learned was "jumper". This means a shirt or a jersey. I learned this from a little boy that I sat next to me at the footie game.

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