Sunday, May 11, 2014

Daintree River Cruise:

Today's weather was perfect for a boat ride along the river, sunny with a slight breeze. I saw a crocodile for the first time. Crocodiles are very lazy creatures and are mainly active at night when they hunt for food.

After the cruise we went for a short walk through the rainforest. I noticed while on the walk that when we saw the rainforest from the sky rail people can not get a good idea of what the rainforest is actually like. Walking through the rainforest I got to see many different plants and trees that I've never seen before.

While on the safari I learned a bit more about how troublesome the wild pigs are to Australians. The pigs have created lots of erosions in the Daintree rainforest. The pigs also eat the eggs of the endangered species the cassowary. This creates a problem for Australians because they are working to save this endangered species. Australians are continuing to work on lessening the pig population.

While on the drive I noticed that Queensland is very deserted. It mainly is populated with crops like sugar cane and other farms.

Word of the day: Stiggy- roam around; I learned this from the tour guide.

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